For amicable couples the steps are simple

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The initial meeting can be virtual, over the telephone, or face to face. We will gain an understanding of your situation. Your family dynamics and issues. We will get an understanding of what both parties' interests are, and what outcomes you both would like to achieve. All of your questions will be answered and any immediate concerns you have will be dealt with. Here, we will also explain the spectrum of divorce processes and the pros and cons. At the end of the meeting, we will provide a list of documents you will need regardless of the process you take. We understand that sometimes you need assistance gathering documents during this emotional time. We walk you through our online, secure shared storage system. We will complete all of the data entry, analysis, and report preparation for a joint meeting.  



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Meetings are scheduled with both parties. Occasionally, the mediator may meet with each of the parties separately.  We will discuss your interests and identify the particular issues needing resolution. We identify all relevant facts, including economic, emotional, and other factors involved in each party's view of their various concerns and issues.  This will provide the framework on how to make the process the most successful for both parties.   




Solution_blueWe will complete all of the data entry analysis and report preparation for a joint meeting. At this time, we are not concerned about the law in regards to legal and financial, but having an understanding of both will confirm you can implement what you want. During the mediation process, sometimes other professionals and experts may be consulted to provide the parties with the information they need to make informed decisions.      




Developing and evaluating options is vital to explore the full range of possibilities. This meeting is usually about 2 hours. We will have all of the data entry finished. An analysis and report preparation completed. We start with a short presentation of your financial puzzle. We will brainstorm and evaluate all options available. After identifying possible options that will be acceptable to both parties, we will provide an understanding of the consequences and implications of each option. This will lead to one or more settlement packages to consider. We will work with you until all aspects of your settlement are decided.       


Target_blueWhen you agree on all areas of your settlement package, we will prepare and file any legal documents needed for you. No court. No judge. We also coordinate and refer other professionals you may need to proceed on with your life. By successfully executing the best settlement package for you, we make sure we set you up for success in your new life forward.   




 After your divorce, you need support to transition to your new life. Please see Post-Divorce Transition SupportYou can also visit