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Why work with us

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Over his lifetime, Ron has experienced the legal, financial, and emotional toll a traditional attorney-centric divorce can have on a family. He first experienced this personally as a teenager when his parents divorced. Professionally over his 20 years, he has been approached to consult someone during and after a divorce. At first, there was little he could do. He was only a bystander waiting years for completion of a marriage settlement. Gradually, he became more involved in the process over time. But the more active he became with divorce cases, the more unhappy he became. The traditional divorce process usually concluded with limited solutions. The attorney-centric process created a communication channel that was fractured or broken. Some families were legally handicapped by a process and system that considered very little to nothing about a person's interests and concerns. Participants were feeling like they were not being understood. And, in some cases, family dynamics were changed permanently in a negative way. Financially, he has seen marriage settlement agreements that would create more questions than answers. Many times it was a process that should have been completed in months but instead lasted years, which resulted in completely unreasonable amounts of money going to the professionals. Finally, disgusted with the process, he knew there was a better way. Divorce needs to be done differently. At Viewpoint Financial Network, we believe: 

The divorce process should not be adversarial, financially confusing, or unreasonably costly. 

When partners decide to get a divorce, we can make an immediate impact in their lives. Having success dealing with people and their money, we know how personal and intimate our role is. When you include a divorce, our duties and responsibilities are elevated in a niche where families need assistance.  

We have always believed that we live a life of significance by helping people live their best lives.    

Divorce can be an emotional roller coaster; there's a lot going through their minds. Not only is there the sense of starting over, but all that has been built has to be unwound and divided. While most people will focus on the counsel of an attorney, the expertise of a trained and experienced Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional can make an immediate impact with a participant's special financial issues of divorce with data and powerful lifestyle projects. An expert in divorce finances, Ron is also trained in mediation and collaborative divorce.  His experience, knowledge, and process provide participants an experience much different than most. We open up communication and build understanding to help achieve equitable settlements for everyone involved.   

By providing financial clarity out of confusion, we help clients feel that we are serving them in a way that allows them to focus on what is truly important to their interests. When fear and uncertainty are high, it is hard to attend to something so intricate and time-consuming as your finances. Especially if you are the nonfinancial person in the house. Divorce may be the biggest financial transaction you will complete in your lifetime. We will act as a voice of reason and compassion while providing a written analysis, recommended solutions, advice on negotiation, and a shoulder to lean on. This is how we turn fear and uncertainty into peace and confidence at an affordable price.       

There is a saying, "It takes a village to raise a child." But do we ever stop growing as people? When life happens too fast, we need people in our lives who support and understand us so we can move forward. At Viewpoint Financial Network, we can support you and help you thrive so you can live your best life. Thank you for visiting our website. 


What does a CDFA help with?

  • Assist with financial disclosures
  • Tax optimization of settlements
  • Post-divorce financial planning
  • Maintenance buyout calculations
  • Assist with spousal and child support 
  • Valuing and splitting pensions and retirement plans
  • Establishing assumptions for inflation and rates of return
  • Executive compensation valuation
  • (Restricted stock, employee stock options, RSU, ISOs, NQs)
  • Helps you know you have all the financial “bases” covered 
  • Lifestyle analysis to determine maintenance and/or income levels

We work with couples/individuals who need answers to their divorce questions:

  • What do I need to know?
  • Is this marriage settlement fair?
  • Will I be able to retire as planned?
  • Can I afford the home and live comfortably?  
  • What property is mine and what is ours? 
  • How will I maintain my lifestyle, and move forward with what is left? 
  • My partner handled all the finances, I need help during and after my separation!
  • What are the long- and short-term financial impacts of different settlement proposals?