We can mediate your divorce or single financial issue. No courts. No judges. Mediators can struggle with properly educating a person on the financial complexities of their divorce options. This process can be done with a group or just between the parties. Using the understanding-based mediation model, we work as a non-coercive neutral to help the parties negotiate an agreement.  This mediation is a voluntary process in which the parties make decisions together based on understanding their own views, each other's, and the external realities they face. If you and your partner are reacting to each other in negative ways, your attempts to negotiate a workable financial settlement may run into heavy interference. Mediation increases the likelihood of cooperation between you and your partner. This process provides a forum outside of court to work out the financial settlements without ignoring what is going on socially and emotionally. Let's make sure you have all of your property settlement options on the table so both parties know they will be okay in the next phase of your lives.  

Do you have the right intentions and ability to mediate? Four main factors are:

  • Both parties must be motivated to mediate
  • Both parties must be the decision-makers. If someone else will be helping with that decision, we will need them to participate. Sometimes this is a lawyer.
  • Both parties must be willing to deal directly with the other. This includes conflict.  
  • Both parties must be willing to work toward mutual and acceptable decisions.