Whenever possible, we do our best to minimize conflict and work toward mediation and or collaboration. In some cases, divorce litigation is the best option. You should work with a financial advocate who is a financial expert. Maybe one party of the divorce has experienced abuse. Sometimes parties are having trouble cooperating on a wide scale. Perhaps one side is just being unreasonable or nasty. Do you think one party has unreasonable expectations? Sometimes there can be unusual issues that both parties see differently. In those unusual situations when it may be difficult to predict how a court will rule, taking cases to court may be the best course of action but should always be used as a last resort. Having a financial professional on your team, we can: 

  • Can act as an expert witness in court or in mediation proceedings.           
  • Produce powerful case exhibits that can be used in court.
  • Provide professional support to know you have covered all the financial details.
  • Testify as an expert financial witness.
  • Anchor your position and make a compelling argument for you.