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I Want a Divorce.

With all due respect, I want a Divorce...

Common Money Mistakes in Divorce.

For most people, the divorce process is emotionally draining and mentally exhausting.

The Mediation Option

The Mediation Option, and How to Prepare.

Top 3 Financial Strategies to Plan for Your Divorce.

Top 3 Financial Strategies to Plan for Your Divorce.

Divorce does screwy things to a person's head. Believe me, I’ve seen it. The once intelligent together woman that you were turns into an emotional, brain-fogged, unorganized basket case.

First Holidays

First Holidays…… 

Is this it? Is this the first time since the birth of your babies that you will be forced to spend at least part of the Holiday without your children because of separation or divorce? 


Steps To Take Before You Decide To Divorce.


Almost every relationship starts with that giddy period of falling in love, imagining a life together with your spouse maybe a couple of kids and even a dog to round out the happy loving familyWhat most people do not imagine is what happens if that love, respect and admiration morphs into something unlike a fairytale and even spirals into dysfunction. If you find yourself here, there are some things to think about before you make the irreversible decision to divorce. 


Can a Divorce Mediator Really Be Neutral?

Yes, a divorce mediator can easily stay neutral, because they are trained to be sympathetic to the needs of both parties. Mediators focus on the issues that each individual wishes to address concerning the matters most important to them. Concerns such as child custody, property, financial matters and more, can be discussed with the mediator, who will guide the couple to a peaceful resolution.

Divorce Support You Should Not Do Without

Divorce Support You Should Not Do Without

Retirement & Survival After Gray Divorce

Retirement & Survisal After Gray Divorce

Understanding your divorce settlement

Understanding your divorce settlement